As someone who has produced before, I can tell you first hand it's not an easy task to do in any amount of time, let alone in 72 hours but actress, writer and our fearless team leader of the Actor's Green Room 72 Hour Challenge Melissa Guzman was more than up for the challenge. The days were long and many of the actors took on multiple roles assisting in PAing, running for props and set dressing but at the end of the day - we were a team and the final version of the film is something I'm very proud of and I hope to work with everyone from that set again and again. 

Not Ready is a dark comedy short which follows Nicole, played by Melissa Guzman, and her struggle with the loneliness and apprehension of being newly pregnant. I played Dani, her party girl best friend who while even in her best intentions still can't help but to forget the sex of the baby and take shots with the dad to be seconds before Nicole goes into labor. 

Not Ready will be doing the festival circuit and I will keep this blog updated to where you can see it - for now, you can catch a clip of me as Dani below.